Jean Ann Wagner says:

March 26, 2010 at 8:54 am

These girls do awesome work. Their creativity is only limited by their need for a few hours of sleep each day! They are very diversified, energetic, can do just about ANYTHING, and aim to please. If a customer has an idea, Sherry and Sheila will do their best to produce the product. Call them!



I’m from Kearney, NE & as I was driving down the street I saw the coolest design on the window of a van from Kansas.  I immediately stopped at the store this car was parked in front of, hoping to find the owner.  I asked everyone inside “who owned the van from Kansas?”.  After asking several people (whom all thought I must have had an accident with a parked car) I found the owner & she gladly gave me the name Sign Solutions of Phillipsburg, KS!  I immediately went and looked them up on the internet, called & placed my order.  They were very friendly & happy to help with my special order & sent it to me the next day!

Thanks So Much!

Jackie Miettinen