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Taking Care of your Banner

Vinyl banners are a great way to advertise at all times of the day. They’re relatively lightweight and durable. Durability is key for outdoor signage that is exposed to harsh UV light, abrasives in the wind, rain, snow, you name it! But just because it’s durable doesn’t mean it will last forever. Here are a few ways you can care for your banner to make sure it lasts for years to come!

Keep it Clean! – Before you store your banner away, wash it down with some warm water, a mild detergent such as hand soap, and a microfiber towel to trap any dirt and debris that have stuck to the banner’s surface. After you’ve given the banner a quick wash, dry it off with a soft towel and allow to dry completely before storing.

Be sure to avoid harsh chemicals, these can and will shorten the life of your banner

Roll Your Banner - Don't Fold

Roll Don’t Fold – When it comes to keeping your banner stored away long or short term you need to roll it, do not fold it. When you fold a banner you introduce creases to the material and ink can transfer across surfaces. If you’ve stored your banner folded long term, when you need to use it again there will be a high probability of the banner having permanent creases and potential for cracking also.

Store Your Banner at Room Temperature – If you want your banner to last for years to come, avoid unnecessary heat and additional humidity. Heat and humidity cause the vinyl that your banner is made of to break down and essentially deteriorate.

Store Your Banner in a Box – It’s never a bad idea to put your banner in a box before storing. It’s added protection from dirt and debris, and it gives additional structure if anything were to be placed on top of the banner. 

Banners have been a tried and true method of signage to promote and display your business. You can extend the life of your banners with proper care and attention so you can enjoy them for years to come. 

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