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CAD-CUT® Patterns Heat Press Vinyl were designed with the top personalization trends in mind. No matter who you’re designing for, there’s a pattern right for your market. Offer new looks to your customers without investing in expensive new equipment.

• Fashion

• Sports

• Streetwear

• Children’s Wear


Minimum order is 1 yard of 18" wide media, which is 4.5 square feet total. 

Or you can choose to get 5 yds of 18" media, which is a total of 22.5 square feet.

The vinyl will come to you on a roll and will NOT be cut down to size.

Mask (which is clear) is included in the price and is needed to remove designs from their carrier and transfer to the garment.

CAD-CUT® Patterns "Best Cat Ever" Heat Transfer Vinyl

  • There are 3 different types of heat press vinyl that can be purchased.

    • Express Print - Our Standard Option with Specialty printed heat press vinyl patterns
    • Glitter - Pattern printed heat press vinyl with a glitter finish
    • Soft Foam - Patterns printed on Soft Foam heat press vinyl have a matte finish with soft, muted colors. 
      • Soft Foam offers all the benefits of our traditional HTV, but adds a unique, raised look and feel to any item it’s applied to—like graphic tees and hoodies. Its soft, velvet-like texture and dimensional effect is perfect for creating premium designs for everyday fashion, spirit wear, athletics, and more. 
      • Can only be layered on itself
  • The Pattern Image Size that is shown for this pattern is 2"x2".

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