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This is for a TRANSFER ONLY!  Multiple size options available!


DTF Transfers are the Newest, the Best  & the Easiest product you can purchase and use in the decorated apparel market today!


What is a DTF Transfer?

DTF transfers are a type of garment transfer that is printed using water-based ink onto a clear release sheet.  The benefits of decoration using this method is that you can choose any kind of garment or even a piece of fabric (for those quilters) to heat press onto.  As well as giving you the ability to hold onto the transfer for future use.  Want to take your show on the road?  All you need is a heat press and your selected transfers.  


No More Weeding

No More Cutting

No More Inventory


No more trying to find the right polyester blend


All you need is a Heat Press! 

Apply to any type of material.


Be sure you use a commercial grade heat press due to the high, even pressure that is needed for this application method.  A Cricut heat press or at-home iron will not work.  


Pressing Instructions:

Prespress garment for 5 seconds to remove excess moisture.  VIP

Place transfer on the fabric with the vibrant color side facing up!

Press at 300°F-325°F

Press for 15-20 seconds

Press using High Pressure (8-9 psi)

Peel Hot or Cold

After peeling, repress for another 15 seconds.  This helps seal the ink into the fabric, which gives it that extra strenght during washings.



We recommend that all DTF graphics are washed inside out on a cool cycle.  For longevity, you can hang dry or use a no/low heat tumble dry.  The less heat you use during washing will reduce the amount of wear that ANY graphic will get and it will help to keep your images looking sharp!


We are not responsible for any damaged transfers after they have been heat pressed.  


All Sales Are Final Due To The Nature Of This Product.

Stars & Stripes 4th of July DTF Transfer

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